AWS Certified Developer Associate

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    Training Mode: Online


    AWS Certified Developer Training in Bangalore offered by Locus IT with 100% hands on practical classes with best industrial experts and working onĀ  Real Time Projects.
    Course Content

    1-AWS Overview
    Cloud Computing Fundamentals

    • History and Characteristics of AWS
      Overview of AWS Infrastructure (Regions, Availability Zones, CDNs)
    • AWS Managed Services vs Unmanaged Services
    • Developing using SDK, API, and CLI

    Overview of Identity and Access Management

    • Policies
    • Groups
    • Users (Root, Admin, Power, General)
    • Roles
    • Multi-Factor Authentication

    3- EC2
    Overview of Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

    • EC2 AMIs
      EC2 Instance Types
    • EC2 User Data – Bootstrapping EC2 instances (Linux and Windows)
    • EBS Volumes
    • EBS Snapshots
    • Security Groups
    • Key Pairs
    • Elastic Load Balancer
    • Autoscaling with CloudWatch alarms setup

    4- VPC
    Overview of VPC and VPC Components ((Subnets, Route Tables, Network ACLs and Security Groups, Gateways) (Internet, Virtual Private Gateway, Customer Gateway, NAT))

    5-S3, Glacier and Other Storage
    Overview of S3

    • S3 Buckets, Folders, Objects
    • S3 Storage Classes
    • Glacier Storage
    • Bucket Policies, ACLs
    • Properties (Static Website Hosting, Versioning, Lifecycle, CRR)
    • CloudFront & CDNs
    • Elastic File System (EFS)

    6- Application Services

    • Simple Notification Service (SNS)
      Simple Queue Service (SQS)
    • Step Functions

    7-Container Services

    • Overview of Containers and Containerization
    • Elastic Container Registry (ECR)
    • Building and Deploying Containers using ECS
    • Building and Deploying Containers using EKS
    RDS – Licensing and Management (IaaS vs PaaS), Multi-AZ Deployment, Read Replicas, Automated Backups and Database Snapshots
    • Aurora
    • DynamoDB (No SQL Database)
    • Elasticache
    • MemoryDB for Redis

    9-Developer Tools

    • Amplify
    • Cloud 9
    • CloudShell
    • CodeArtifact
    • CodeCommit
    • CodeBuild
    • CodeDeploy
    • CodePipeline
    • CodeStar
    • CodeGuru
    • X-Ray

    10-Route 53

    • Overview of DNS
    • Routing Policies (Simple, Weighted, Latency, Failover and Geo-location)

    11- Management Tools and Server-lessĀ Computing

    • Cloud Formation
    • App Config
    • Cloud Development Kit
    • Lambda
    • API Gateway

    12-AWS-Automation with Python Boto3 module

    • Basic Concepts of working with AWS SDK, CLI, API and Cloud 9 IDE
    • Microservices Overview and Characteristics
    • Understanding and Implementing AWS-Automation using Boto3 Module
    • Development and Deployment using AWS SDK for Python (Boto 3), Cloud 9 and DynamoDB
    • Deploy a monolith application using Node.js and Containers. Decouple the monolith to a microservices architecture using Serverless Containers and other AWS services such as EC2, ECS, ECR, VPC, CloudFormation, Load Balancing, Docker, and Github.

    13-Monitoring and Auditing

    • Cloud Watch (Events, Logs, Alarms, Notifications)
    • Cloud Trail
    • AWS Config
    • Trusted Advisor

    14- Security

    • Security considerations and best practices
    • AWS Shared Responsibility Model
    • Key Management Service (KMS)
    • Secret Manager
    • Certificate Manager
    • Cognito
    • Web Application Firewall (WAF)

    Locus Academy has more than a decade experience in delivering the training/staffing on AWS Certified Developer Associate for corporates across the globe. The participants for the training/staffing on AWS Certified Developer Associate are extremely satisfied and are able to implement the learnings in their on going projects.




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