Qlik Sense System Administrator Certification

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    Training Mode: Online


    The Qlik Sense System Administrator Certification Exam measures your ability to identify requirements for environments, install and set up Qlik Sense Enterprise, manage environments, and monitor and troubleshoot. Exam content is based only on the client managed edition of Qlik Sense. This exam does not cover the knowledge and skills required to administer Qlik Sense SaaS edition. This exam has 50 multiple-choice questions to answer in 2 hours.


    • At least 6 months experience as an administrator of a Microsoft Windows Server-based environment
    • Experience working with Qlik Sense sites and the Qlik Management Console, to provide data and application governance, library maintenance, as well as user and application security
    • Experience managing the policies and options that run the Qlik Sense servers and apps
    • Experience creating rules and managing the visualization streams
    • Knowledge of networking and Active Directory configuration, proxies, intermediate web servers, load balancers, etc.
    • Familiarity with Windows tools and logs created (e.g., Event Viewer, Services Console, DCOM Console, Windows Registry)
    • Experience using NSLookUp, Telnet, Ping, NetStat, Fiddler, and other browser tools to troubleshoot connectivity, interoperability, configuration, performance, etc.

    Recommended Preparation Resources

    • Instructor-Led Training:  Deploy and Administer Qlik Sense
    • Qlik Continuous Classroom:  System Administrator
    • FREE  Qlik Sense System Administrator Certification Practice Questions


    Exam Topics

    Installation (30% of the exam)

    • Apply concepts to plan the infrastructure for the Qlik Sense Deployment.
    • Determine how to install Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows using Shared Persistence.
    • Determine the appropriate methods to deploy single and multi-node configurations.


    Configuration (32% of the exam)

    • Given a scenario, create and manage streams and applications based on organization’s needs.
    • Given a scenario, create and manage automated tasks based on different triggers.
    • Given a scenario, create and manage load balancing rules.
    • Given a scenario, create and manage AD connection and synchronize users and groups.
    • Given a scenario, configure nodes to meet business needs.

    Security and Licensing (16% of the exam)

    • Describe the Qlik Sense licensing model.
    • Determine how to configure user license access.
    • Given a scenario, apply Qlik Sense Enterprise security rules.

    Monitor, Troubleshoot, and Maintenance (22% of the exam)

    • Identify how to monitor app issues.
    • Determine the appropriate methods to monitor and troubleshoot typical system issues.
    • Determine the appropriate methods to perform server maintenance.



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