Trello Fundamentals from beginner to advanced

Duration: Hours

Training Mode: Online



a). The basic concepts of Trello and Kanban
b). Setting up specific Trello boards for managing personal tasks, team projects and business operations
c). Setting up automation between Trello and other platforms and services
d). Applying the different parts of the “Getting Things Done” framework to your Trello boards
e). Setting up weekly and monthly based frameworks
f). Extending Trello’s functions by using add-ons

1. Introduction

2. Basics of Trello and the Kanban Method

a). Signing up
b). Basic Concept
c). Create and Manage TrelloBoards
d). Create and Manage TrelloLists
e). Create and Manage Trello Cards
f). Activity – Create a WIP Board
g). Card Descriptions, File Attachments, Due Dates and Comments
h). Card Labels and Stickers
i). Create Checklists

3. Team setup and Task Delegation

a). Create and Manage Teams
b). Create and Manage Team Boards
c). Add and Manage Team Members
d). Assigning Cards to Team Members

4. Manage Clutter and Find Info Quickly

a). Using Filters
b). Sorting Cards
c). Using Search
d). Manage Notifications and Emails
e). Archive Management

5. Adding More Functionality to your Board

a). Adding Power-Ups
b). Adding Browser Extensions

6. Board Templates for Personal Use

a). Getting Things Done (GTD)
b). Board Template – Daniel Chait’s GTD
c). Mind Map

7. Board Templates for Team Projects

a). Pixel Mystique Monthly
b). Board Template – Pixel Mystique Monthly
c). Bonus – Automatically Add Meetings to TrelloBoard
d). Weekly Role Based

8. Board Templates for Business and Objects

a). Employee Manual
b). Board Template – Employee Manual
c). Office Admin and Operations

9. Conclusion


For more inputs on Trello Fundamentals from beginner to advanced you can connect here.
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Trello is the visual tool that empowers your team to manage any type of project, workflow, or task tracking. Just sign up, create a board, and you’re off. Trello is the best customer relationship management (CRM) alternative you can opt for without breaking the bank for small or medium-sized businesses.