Oracle Fusion Technical BI

Duration: Hours

Training Mode: Online


Oracle Fusion Technical BI Training in Bangalore Offered by Locus IT with 100% Hands-on Practical Classes by the Best Industrial Experts with Real-time Projects.

Objectives :

a). Business Intelligence (BI)
b). BI – Yeh Dil Maange More
c). All about BI Publisher RTF Templates
d). Schedule BI Reports
e). BI as Outbound Integration Tool
f). BI ESS Jobs & Report Security
g). Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI)
h). Business Intelligence Cloud Connector (BICC)
i). Financial Reporting Studio (FRS)
j). Smart View
k). UCM Web Service
l). Export BI Report Output from Fusion using OIC


a). Basics of SQL
b). Microsoft Word & Excel

1. Oracle Fusion Technical – BI, OTBI, BICC, FRS, SmartView

2. Business Intelligence Publisher

a). BI Roles & Configuration
b). BI Report with Parameters
c). XSL Transformation vs. BIP Tags in BI Publisher
d). Let’s see how to create the RTF Template
e). Export BI Report Output
f). BI Report Migration
g). Master Details BI Report using Group Link
h). Let’s create an RTF Template for the Master Details Report (Form-Table Layout)
i). Master Details BI Report using Element Link
j). Master Details BI Report using Subgroup
k). BIP Bursting & Delivery Channel
l). Secure BI Report

3. BI Publisher – Yeh Dil Maange More

a). BI Report using Excel Template
b). Print Barcode in BI Report Output
c). Secure your PDF Report Output (Dynamic Approach)
d). SubTemplates in Fusion BI
e). Fixed Position flat file using BI Report
f). Generate BI Report Output in Multi-Languages – 
g). Understand the role of XPATH & XSL Transformation in BI Publisher
i). Develop BI Report using XSL Template
j). Customize Standard BI Report
4. BI Publisher – let’s play with RTF Template
a). Auto Generate RTF Templates (Helpful for Functional Folks)

5. BI Publisher – Schedule BI Publisher Reports

a). Configure FTP Delivery Channel
b). Schedule BI Publisher Report from Fusion and burst output to FTP
c). Prepare SOAP Payload to schedule BI Publisher Report using SOAP UI
d). Schedule BI Publisher Report in Fusion through SOAP Web Service using PLSQL

6. BI ESS Jobs

a). Getting Started with Enterprise Scheduler Services (ESS) Jobs
b). Creating the first ESS Job on the BI Report
c). Lookups in Fusion – Use in ESS Jobs Parameter
d). ValueSets in Fusion – Use in ESS Jobs Parameter
e). Secure your BI ESS Job

7. BI as Outbound Integration Tools

a). All about Report Service
b). Fetch Data from Fusion using BI & Java
c). Fetch Data from Fusion using BI & SOA

8. Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence

a). Getting Started with OTBI
b). OTBI Analysis – Tabular Representation
c). OTBI Analysis – Graphical Representation
d). Create a Dashboard using OTBI
e). Create Drill Down Report using OTBI
f). Create BI Report using OTBI Analysis
g). All about OTBI Report Security
h). Create Infolet using OTBI Analysis

9. BI Cloud Connector (BICC)

a). BICC – What is this?
b). Get Ready with BICC
c). Create your first BICC Extract(Full)
d). Run for Incremental Extracts
e). Secure your BICC Extract

10. Financial Reporting Studios

a). Getting Started with FRS
b). Configure FRS and understand its Components
c). Develop your First Report using FRS

11. Smart View

a). All about Smart View Reports!
b). Build a Report using Smart View

12. Reporting Tool Comparison

a). BI vs OTBI

13. UCM Web Services

a). UCM Introduction
b). Import File into Fusion using UCM Service
c). Export File from Fusion using UCM Service
d). Closing Comments

14. ACL Configuration to Invoke BI report service from PLSQL (Optional)

a). Overview of Access Control List (ACL)
b). Configure Access Control List (ACL)
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