Adobe Analytics Architect Master

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    Training Mode: Online



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    • Developer

    This page provides information on how to attain this certification. It includes a description of the exam, study materials, step-by-step instructions on the certification process, and how to renew your certification.

    Exam description

    Learn who should take this exam, what experience is recommended, and what subjects are covered on the exam.

    Exam details

    • Level: Master (3-5 years’ experience)
    • Passing Score: 33/50
    • Time: 100 mins
    • Delivery: Online proctored (requires camera access)
    • Available languages: English
    • Cost: $225 (global) / $150 (India)
    • Exam ID: AD0-E207

    Intended audience

    • Solutions Architect
    • Technical Manager
    • Data Architect
    • Analytics Engineer
    • Analytics Strategist
    • Multi Solutions Engineer

    Minimum experience

    You should have a minimum 3-4 years of experience designing Adobe Analytics architecture, data layer specifications, and tag management, as well as a basic understanding of JavaScript code.

    Additionally, you’re responsible for translating business requirements into tracking specifications and Adobe Analytics variables, and you’re familiar with the following technologies and environments:

    • Web Analytics Applications
    • Adobe Experience Cloud
    • Tag Management Systems
    • CMS
    • Browser developer tools
    • Optimization tools
    • Code editors

    Exam objectives and scope

    This section provides information on the exam content.

    Section 1: Discovery (18%)

    • Demonstrate ability to audit sites
    • Investigate client needs to build business requirements
    • Given a scenario, create measurement framework

    Section 2: Solution design (54%)

    • Translate business requirements into variables and metrics
    • Demonstrate ability to manage report suites settings
    • Given a scenario, recommend the best methods for collecting data
    • Write technical specifications for tagging engineers
    • Write technical specifications for site developers
    • Create Experience Cloud users/groups

    Section 3: Post implementation (28%)

    • Given a set of requirements, validate tracking through browser developer tools and Adobe reports
    • Apply procedural concepts to manage data extraction and relationships
    • Evaluate data privacy requirements to establish a data governance model
    • Given a scenario, manage data sources and connectors
    • Configure necessary segments and calculated metrics to answer business requirements


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