Teamcenter Rulestream | SIEMENS process product configurator

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    Rulestream is the SIEMENS process product configurator, which has a long international trajectory with a large number of implementations in different countries. The configurator allows custom product manufacturers to quickly design products and with an unique customer specifications. Siemens Teamcenter PLM is a software suite for managing the entire lifecycle of a product. Consolidating Teamcenter on Azure provides a consistent and synchronized PLM experience across your enterprise.

    Many customers run multiple Teamcentre Rulerstream solutions across the enterprise, mixing multiple instances, and multiple ISV vendors, and hybrid cloud and on-premises implementations. So this fragmentation reduces the customer’s ability to uniformly access data. Consolidating Teamcenter on Azure provides a consistent and synchronized PLM experience across your enterprise.  Teamcenter Product Configurator provides a single, consistent definition because of product features, rules and regulations of product content across your company’s entire product definition and execution process.

    Teamcentre Rulerstream Siemens Teamcenter PLM baseline architecture has four distributed tiers (client, web, enterprise, and resource) in a single availability zone. Each tier aligns to function, and communication flows between these tiers. All four tiers use their own virtual machines in a single virtual network. Teamcenter uses a client-server model. The Teamcentre Rulerstream core business functionality runs on a central server in the enterprise tier, and users access it through a web-based or thick-client interface. You can deploy multiple instances in Dev and Test environments (virtual networks) by adding extra virtual machines and storage.

    Teamcentre Rulerstream Contains:


    • Introduction to Rulestream
    • Basic Part Families
    • Simple Processes
    • Getting more from Properties


    • Tools for Rulestream Architect
    • Subpart Collections
    • Processes Revisited
    • Enhancing the Product Control Tree


    • Custom UI Designer
    • Simple Connections
    • JT Specification
    • DWG Specification


    • Word Specification
    • Component Databases
    • NX Specification
    • NX Assemblies


    • Model Release
    • Chart Specification
    • Teamcenter Specification

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