Oracle EPM

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    Introduction to Oracle EPM
    1.1 Overview of Oracle EPM
    1.2 Key Features and Benefits

    Installing and Configuring Oracle EPM
    2.1 System Requirements
    2.2 Installation Steps
    2.3 Configuration and Setup

    Oracle EPM Modules
    3.1 Financial Consolidation and Close (FCC)
    3.1.1 Overview
    3.1.2 Configuration
    3.1.3 Reporting
    3.2 Planning and Budgeting
    3.2.1 Overview
    3.2.2 Building Plans
    3.2.3 Forecasting
    3.3 Profitability and Cost Management
    3.3.1 Overview
    3.3.2 Model Configuration
    3.3.3 Analysis and Reporting

    Data Integration and Management
    4.1 Data Integration Overview
    4.2 Integration with Oracle and Third-Party Systems
    4.3 Data Loading and Transformation

    Security and Access Control
    5.1 User Roles and Permissions
    5.2 Data Security
    5.3 Single Sign-On Integration

    Administration and Maintenance
    6.1 System Administration
    6.2 Monitoring and Troubleshooting
    6.3 Backup and Recovery

    Best Practices and Performance Optimization
    7.1 Performance Tuning
    7.2 Best Practices for Implementation
    7.3 Tips for Efficient System Usage

    Oracle EPM Support and Resources
    8.1 Oracle Support
    8.2 Online Documentation
    8.3 Community Forums and Knowledge Sharing


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