CPQ Apttus

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    UNIT 1 : Introduction to CPQ

    Overview of Configure, Price, Quote
    Importance of CPQ in Sales Processes

    UNIT 2 : Key Concepts in Apttus CPQ

    Understanding Product Configuration
    Pricing Strategies in CPQ

    UNIT 3 : Getting Started with Apttus CPQ

    Installation and Setup
    Configuring Apttus CPQ for your organization

    UNIT 4 : Product Configuration

    Creating and Managing Product Catalogs
    Configuring Product Rules

    UNIT 5 : Pricing Management

    Pricing Models in Apttus CPQ
    Discounting Strategies

    UNIT 6 : Quote Generation

    Creating and Customizing Quotes
    Quote Approval Processes

    UNIT 7 : Workflow Automation

    Streamlining Quote Approval Processes
    Automating Workflows with Apttus CPQ

    UNIT 8 : Integration with CRM and ERP

    Integrating Apttus CPQ with CRM and ERP systems
    Data Exchange and Synchronization

    UNIT 9 : User Training and Adoption

    Training Users on Apttus CPQ
    Strategies for User Adoption

    UNIT 10 : Reporting and Analytics

    Generating Reports and Analytics with Apttus CPQ
    Monitoring Sales Performance


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