Big Commerce

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    Unit 1: Introduction to BigCommerce
    Overview of BigCommerce
    Key Features and Benefits
    Getting Started with BigCommerce

    Unit 2: Setting Up a BigCommerce Store
    Creating a BigCommerce Account
    Store Setup and Configuration
    Adding Products and Categories

    Unit 3: Customizing Your BigCommerce Store
    Theme Selection and Customization
    Branding and Design
    Customizing Navigation and Layout

    Unit 4: Managing Products and Inventory
    Product Listings and Descriptions
    Pricing and Discounts
    Inventory Management

    Unit 5: Order Processing and Fulfillment
    Order Management
    Payment Gateways and Transactions
    Shipping and Fulfillment

    Unit 6: Marketing and Sales Strategies
    Marketing Your BigCommerce Store
    SEO Best Practices
    Sales Promotions and Coupons

    Unit 7: Analytics and Reporting
    Monitoring Store Performance
    Sales Analytics
    Reporting Tools in BigCommerce

    Unit 8: Customer Management
    Customer Accounts and Profiles
    Communication and Support
    Managing Customer Reviews

    Unit 9: Integrations and Apps
    Third-Party Integrations
    App Marketplace
    Extending Functionality with Apps

    Unit 10: Security and Compliance
    Store Security Measures
    PCI Compliance
    Data Protection and Privacy

    Unit 11: Upgrades and Maintenance
    Keeping Your Store Updated
    Platform Upgrades
    Troubleshooting Common Issues

    Unit 12: Scaling Your Business with BigCommerce
    Growth Strategies
    Enterprise Features and Options
    Advanced Configurations


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