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    Training Mode: Online



    UNIT 1 : Introduction to Coupa

    Overview of Coupa
    Importance in Procurement and Expense Management

    UNIT 2 : Navigating the Coupa Platform

    User Interface Overview
    Dashboard and Navigation

    UNIT 3 : Setting Up Your Coupa Account

    Account Creation and Configuration
    Personalization and Preferences

    UNIT 4 : Procurement in Coupa

    Requisition and Purchase Order Processes
    Supplier Management

    UNIT 5 : Expenses Management

    Submitting and Managing Expense Reports
    Policy Compliance

    UNIT 6 : Invoicing and Payments

    Invoice Creation and Approval
    Payment Processing

    UNIT 7 : Analytics and Reporting

    Reporting Tools and Dashboards
    Data Analysis for Decision-Making

    UNIT 8 : Integration with Other Systems

    Integration with ERP Systems
    Data Exchange and Synchronization

    UNIT 9 : Coupa Mobile App

    Overview and Features
    Mobile Procurement and Expense Management

    UNIT 10 : User Training and Support

    Training Resources
    Troubleshooting and Support Options

    UNIT 11 : Security and Compliance

    Data Security in Coupa
    Compliance with Regulatory Standards

    UNIT 12 : Best Practices in Coupa Usage

    Tips for Efficient Procurement and Expense Management
    Industry Best Practices

    UNIT 13 : Advanced Features and Customization

    Advanced Configuration Options
    Customizing Workflows and Processes


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