Camunda Platform

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    UNIT 1 : Installation and Setup

    System requirements
    Installing and configuring Camunda

    UNIT 2 : Camunda Modeler

    Introduction to BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation)
    Using Camunda Modeler for process modeling

    UNIT 3 : BPMN 2.0 Basics

    Understanding BPMN elements
    Creating BPMN diagrams

    UNIT 4 : Camunda Engine

    Core components of the Camunda engine
    Process execution and instance management

    UNIT 5 : Service Tasks and Connectors

    Integrating external services
    Implementing service tasks

    UNIT  6 : User Tasks and Forms

    Human-centric processes
    Designing user tasks and forms

    UNIT 7 : Variables and Expression Language

    Working with process variables
    Expression language usage

    UNIT 8 : Gateways and Flow Control

    Exclusive, inclusive, and parallel gateways
    Managing process flow

    UNIT 9 : Error Handling and Compensation

    Handling errors in BPMN
    Implementing compensation

    UNIT 10 : Camunda Cockpit

    Monitoring and analyzing process instances
    Performance optimization

    UNIT 11: Camunda Tasklist

    Managing human tasks
    User task assignments

    UNIT 12 : External Task Pattern

    Asynchronous and distributed processing
    External task handling

    UNIT 13 : Camunda REST API

    Interacting with Camunda using the REST API
    Integration possibilities

    UNIT 14 : Advanced Topics

    Subprocesses and Call Activities
    Event-based processes
    Decision tables and DMN (Decision Model and Notation)

    UNIT 15 : Case Management with Camunda

    Introduction to CMMN (Case Management Model and Notation)
    Case instance management

    UNIT 16 : Testing and Debugging

    Unit testing of processes
    Debugging processes in Camunda

    UNIT 17 : Security and Authorization

    Configuring access control
    User authentication and authorization


    UNIT 18 : Deployment and DevOps

    Packaging and deploying Camunda applications
    Integration with CI/CD pipelines


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