Crypto Currency AML space

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online


    UNIT I. Introduction to Crypto Currency AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Space
    A. Overview of Crypto Currencies
    B. Importance of AML in the Crypto Space

    UNIT II. Fundamentals of Money Laundering
    A. Definition and Stages of Money Laundering
    B. Historical Context of Money Laundering

    UNIT III. Regulatory Landscape for Crypto Currencies
    A. Global AML Regulations
    B. Jurisdictional Variances and Challenges

    UNIT IV. Crypto Currency Transactions and AML Risks
    A. Types of Crypto Transactions
    B. Identifying AML Risks in Crypto Transactions

    UNIT V. Know Your Customer (KYC) in the Crypto Space
    A. Importance of KYC in AML
    B. KYC Procedures for Crypto Exchanges and Wallets

    UNIT VI. AML Tools and Technologies
    A. Blockchain Analytics
    B. AML Software Solutions

    UNIT VII. Case Studies and Real-world Examples
    A. Notable AML Success Stories
    B. Challenges Faced by AML Efforts in the Crypto Space

    UNIT VIII. Future Trends in Crypto Currency AML
    A. Evolving Regulatory Environment
    B. Innovations in AML Technologies



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