Business Application Development with Ruby and Camunda

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    Embark on a transformative journey into business application development with Ruby and Camunda. This comprehensive course delves into the dynamic duo of Ruby programming language and Camunda BPM platform, equipping participants with the skills needed to design, develop, and deploy robust business applications.

    Through a blend of theoretical concepts and hands-on exercises, learners will gain proficiency in leveraging Ruby’s elegant syntax and powerful features to build scalable applications. Additionally, they will explore the capabilities of Camunda for business process management, workflow automation, and orchestration, enabling them to streamline operations and drive efficiency within their organizations.

    Whether you’re a seasoned developer looking to expand your skill set or a newcomer eager to explore the world of business application development, this course offers an enriching learning experience that empowers you to create impactful solutions in the modern business landscape.



    1.1 Overview of Ruby on Rails
    1.2 Introduction to Camunda BPMN.js
    1.3 Purpose of Integration

    Setting Up the Ruby on Rails Project

    2.1 Installing Ruby and Rails
    2.2 Creating a New Rails Project
    2.3 Setting Up the Database

    Integrating Camunda BPMN.js

    3.1 Understanding BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation)
    3.2 Installing Camunda BPMN.js in Business Application Development
    3.3 Adding Camunda to the Rails Project

    Modeling Business Processes with Camunda

    4.1 Creating BPMN Diagrams
    4.2 Defining Process Elements
    4.3 Configuring User Tasks

    Connecting Rails Models to Camunda Processes

    5.1 Defining Corresponding Rails Models
    5.2 Mapping Rails Models to BPMN Elements
    5.3 Handling Data Exchange in Business Application Development

    Implementing Business Logic in Rails

    6.1 Integrating Camunda Service Tasks with Rails
    6.2 Executing Service Tasks in the Rails Application

    User Interaction and Forms

    7.1 Designing User Forms with Camunda Forms
    7.2 Embedding Forms in the Rails Views
    7.3 Handling User Input

    Monitoring and Analytics

    8.1 Configuring Camunda Cockpit for Monitoring
    8.2 Extracting Business Insights from Camunda

    Error Handling and Rollback

    9.1 Dealing with Errors in Camunda Processes
    9.2 Implementing Rollback Mechanisms in Rails

    Testing and Quality Assurance

    10.1 Writing Tests for Camunda Integration in Business Application Development
    10.2 Ensuring Code Quality in the Rails Application

    Deployment and Scaling

    11.1 Deploying the Integrated Application
    11.2 Scaling for Increased Workload


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