Power Apps

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    Introduction to Power Apps

    1.1 Overview of Power Apps
    1.2 Key Features
    1.3 Benefits of Using Power Apps
    1.4 Getting Started with Power Apps

    Building Your First App

    2.1 Creating a New App
    2.2 Exploring the App Designer
    2.3 Adding and Configuring Screens
    2.4 Working with Data Sources

    Designing User Interfaces

    3.1 Understanding Controls
    3.2 Configuring Formulas for Controls
    3.3 Styling and Theming

    Working with Data

    4.1 Connecting to Data Sources
    4.2 Creating and Managing Data Tables
    4.3 Filtering and Sorting Data
    4.4 Formulas for Data Manipulation

    Implementing Business Logic

    5.1 Introduction to Power Automate
    5.2 Triggers and Actions
    5.3 Automating Processes in Power Apps
    5.4 Integration with Microsoft 365

    User Authentication and Security

    6.1 Configuring User Authentication
    6.2 Role-Based Access Control
    6.3 Data Security Best Practices

    Testing and Debugging

    7.1 Testing Your Power App
    7.2 Debugging Techniques
    7.3 Performance Optimization

    Deployment and Distribution

    8.1 Publishing Your App
    8.2 Sharing and Collaborating
    8.3 Version Control and Updates

    Monitoring and Analytics

    9.1 Usage Analytics
    9.2 Monitoring App Performance
    9.3 Error Handling and Reporting


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