Kinaxis- Certified RapidResponse Author Level 2

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online


    The successful candidate should have an intermediate understanding of the RapidResponse data model, core analytics, performance tools and query language. They should know how to create and edit various types of complex workbooks, composite worksheets, editable crosstab worksheets, workbook and profile variables, insert definitions, dashboards, charts, multiple resource types and conditionally hidden worksheets, with reference to technical documentation and only limited assistance from peers.

    Exam sections and objectives

    Using the Data Model

    • Describe how to use the RapidResponse Data Model
    • Describe the common calculations

    Inserting and importing data

    • Describe how to create a custom insert definition
    • Identify the worksheet requirements necessary to import data

    Authoring complex and composite worksheets

    • Describe how to create a composite worksheet
    • Describe how to set up drill to details
    • Describe how to conditionally hide and show a worksheet
    • Describe how to create an editable crosstab worksheet
    • Demonstrate how to create an advanced expression
    • Describe common techniques that increase performance
    • Demonstrate how to use the worksheet performance tool
    • Describe how to create a chart
    • Describe how to create a treemap


    Authoring resource types

    • Describe how to create widgets and dashboards
    • Describe how to create a task flow
    • Describe how to create a scheduled task
    • Describe how to create and use responsibilities
    • Describe how to create metrics and scorecards


    • Describe the types of variables and their use
    • Demonstrate how to create variables and action buttons

    Recommended resources

    • Basic Author training path
    • Intermediate Author training path
    • Author Level 2 certification study guide (available on the certification community page of the Kinaxis Knowledge Network)
    • 12 months hands-on experience with RapidResponse in an authoring capacity

    Exam details

    • There are 60 questions
    • The time limit is 90 minutes
    • The passing score is 65%
    • The study guide may be found here (must be a registered member of the Kinaxis Knowledge Network)



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