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    Welcome to our comprehensive Adobe Workfront Project Manager Professional Certification training program! Tailored specifically for individuals seeking Adobe Workfront project manager training, our curriculum ensures thorough preparation for certification. Furthermore, led by industry experts, our interactive sessions and hands-on exercises equip you with the skills needed for success.

    Crafting Proficient Adobe Workfront Project Managers:

    This page provides comprehensive information on how to attain this certification. It includes a detailed description of the exam, study materials to aid preparation, step-by-step instructions on the certification process, and guidance on how to renew your certification. Moreover, it offers valuable insights into the benefits of obtaining this certification and outlines the various career opportunities it can unlock.

    Created For: Experienced Developers

    This certification training program is specifically designed for experienced developers looking to enhance their skills and transition into project management roles within the Adobe Workfront environment. It provides comprehensive training for aspiring Adobe Workfront Project Managers, ensuring they are fully equipped to excel in their roles and obtain certification.

    Exam description

    Learn who should take this exam, what experience is recommended, and what subjects are covered on the exam.

    Exam details

    1. Level: Professional (0-12 months’ experience)
    2. Passing Score: 45/70
    3. Time: 140 mins
    4. Delivery: Online proctored (requires camera access)
    5. Available languages: English
    6. Cost: $125 (global) / $95 (India)
    7. Exam ID: AD0-E903

    Intended audience

    1. Project manager, work manager, planner
    2. SCRUM master
    3. Workfront power user
    4. System admin
    5. Program manager, portfolio manager
    6. Director, manager
    7. Resource manager, traffic manager

    Minimum experience

    You should have:

    1. An understanding of the work process from an initial work request through completion or exposure to a project or work management
    2. Completed self-guided training or boot camp or have been a Workfront user for 6-12 months so they understand the basic functionality
    3. An understanding of how to configure, track, and monitor report data

    Exam objectives and scope

    Section 1: Intake and Planning (30%)

    In this section:

    1. Candidates identify different ways to be notified of a work request.
    2. Additionally, they review custom data to determine the appropriate action in response to a request.
    3. Given a scenario, they determine the sharing permissions required for an activity.
    4. Furthermore, they discern the appropriate task settings to plan task execution within a specific time frame.
    5. They locate key data on a project using various methods.
    6. Moreover, they track project risk using different approaches.
    7. In addition, they identify the correct hierarchy of objects in Workfront.
    8. They also identify the appropriate field to view a specific assigned resource.
    9. Furthermore, candidates determine intake or planning reports/dashboards helpful for different personas during the work intake or planning stage.

    Section 2: Execute (50%)

    In this section:

    1. Candidates understand, apply, and measure milestones on a project.
    2. Additionally, they create Workfront Single Use Approvals and determine when to use them.
    3. They understand how different data types are utilized by the system.
    4. Moreover, candidates determine the information conveyed by different data types to a project manager in a given scenario.
    5. Given a scenario, they understand how different Task Constraints affect project timelines when used.
    6. They demonstrate how to find project teams and notify them of work assignments, updates, or completion of work items.
    7. Furthermore, they describe the process of uploading a document and generating a proof.
    8. Candidates manage a project using various methods.
    9. Additionally, they determine the Planned Variance for a specific job role within an individual project in a given scenario.
    10. They locate specific financial elements in Workfront.
    11. Moreover, candidates explain object relationships on a Gantt chart.
    12. They differentiate between Condition and Progress Status.
    13. Furthermore, they utilize Workfront teams and Workfront groups.
    14. Candidates provide stakeholders with the required information in a given scenario.
    15. Additionally, they understand how data types and durations impact project conditions.
    16. Lastly, they determine the required custom statuses in a given scenario.


    Section 1. Strategy and Intake

    1. Use Portfolios and Programs
    2. Use Request Queues
    3. Use Custom Forms
    4. Use Basic Approvals

    Section 2. Budget and Planning

    1. Use the Resource Planner
    2. Given a scenario/set of requirements, apply the configurations to set up a project template

    Section 3. User Experience

    1. Illustrate best practices for user management in creating the right user experience
    2. Given a scenario, apply the correct setup for sharing and access rights across the system
    3. Describe what a Kickstart is and recognize when to use it
    4. Demonstrate how to create and use timesheets
    5. Describe the purpose and value of connectors, plug-ins, and add-ons

    Section 4. Metrics and Reporting

    1. Describe basic concepts for building, sending, and customizing reports
    2. Explain how to build and customize dashboards
    3. Demonstrate how to configure functional views of reports

    Section 5. Execution

    Demonstrate how to set up approval and proofing workflows

    1. Recognize the purpose of creating an issue for a project
    2. Demonstrate how to customize group-level project statuses
    3. Identify the attributes needed to enable Agile in Workfront
    4. Identify the ways to enter time in Workfront
    5. Identify the elements of financial tracking in Workfront

    For more information on Adobe workfront manager; please visit here.

    Contact the Locus IT support team for further training details.


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