Leadership Development Program

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    1. Introduction to Leadership:

    Definition and Importance of Leadership
    Leadership Styles
    Leadership vs. Management

    2. Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence:

    Assessing Personal Strengths and Weaknesses
    Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
    Self-reflection and Goal Setting

    3. Communication Skills:

    Effective Communication Strategies
    Active Listening
    Non-verbal Communication

    4 . Team Building and Collaboration:

    Building High-Performance Teams
    Team Dynamics and Communication
    Conflict Resolution and Team Productivity

    5. Decision-Making and Problem-Solving:

    Decision-Making Models
    Critical Thinking
    Problem-Solving Techniques

    6 .Strategic Thinking:

    Understanding Organizational Strategy
    Long-Term Planning
    Aligning Team Goals with Organizational Objectives

    7 .Change Management:

    Leading Through Change
    Overcoming Resistance to Change
    Change Communication Strategies

    8 .Innovation and Creativity:

    Fostering a Culture of Innovation
    Encouraging Creativity in Teams
    Implementing Innovative Solutions

    9 .Leadership Ethics and Integrity:

    Ethical Decision-Making
    Leading with Integrity
    Building a Values-Driven Culture

    10 . Coaching and Mentoring:

    Coaching Skills for Leaders
    Establishing Mentorship Programs
    Developing Talent Within the Organization

    11 .Performance Management:

    Setting Goals and Expectations
    Providing Feedback
    Performance Appraisals and Development Planning

    12 . Leadership in Diversity and Inclusion:

    Creating Inclusive Leadership Practices
    Managing Diverse Teams
    Addressing Unconscious Bias

    13 . Personal Branding and Networking:

    Building a Leadership Brand
    Networking Strategies
    Establishing a Leadership Presence

    14 . Continuous Learning and Development:

    Creating a Learning Culture
    Professional Development Planning Staying Current with Industry Trends

    15 . Capstone Project or Leadership Challenge:

    Applying Leadership Skills to Real-world Scenarios
    Project Presentation and Evaluation


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