Backbase is a software company that provides a platform for banks and other financial institutions to accelerate their digital transformation. Their solutions empower these institutions to create digital experiences for their customers and streamline their operations. Locus IT has decade-long industry experience in “Backbase” consulting, staffing & training services.

Here’s a brief overview of what you might need to know about Backbase :

1. Digital Banking Platform:

Backbase offers a comprehensive suite of white-label solutions that enable banks and credit unions to upgrade their digital customer experiences. therefore this can range from mobile banking apps to online banking portals.

2. Customer Experience:

One of the primary value propositions of Backbase’s offering is improving the customer experience. moreover, they aim to create seamless, omnichannel experiences that customers expect in the digital age.

3. Engagement Banking Platform:

Backbase’s platform is designed to unify data and functionality from core banking systems and then innovative fintechs into a seamless digital banking experience.

4. Product Origins:

It started as a tech company focused on creating portal software (a platform for building web portals). Over time, they pivoted their business model to focus more on the financial services sector, which is where they saw a substantial market need for improved digital experiences.

5. Integration with Fintechs:

Part of Backbase’s strength is its ability to integrate with various fintech solutions. This allows banks to not only use the platform but also tap into other innovative solutions in the fintech space seamlessly.

6. Global Presence:

Over the years, Backbase has garnered a global clientele and then become one of the leading players in the digital banking platform market.

7. Continuous Evolution:

As with most tech companies in the rapidly evolving fintech space, Backbase continuously updates its platform to incorporate new technologies and therefore it meets the ever-changing needs of financial institutions.

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Locus Academy has more than a decade of experience in delivering training, staffing on Backbase for corporates across the globe.