Adobe InDesign

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    Unit 1: Introduction to Adobe InDesign
    Overview of Adobe InDesign
    Understanding the InDesign workspace
    Navigating and customizing the workspace

    Unit 2: Basic Document Creation
    Creating a new document
    Setting up document properties
    Working with pages and master pages

    Unit 3: Text Formatting and Styling
    Adding and formatting text
    Paragraph and character styles
    Text threading and linking

    Unit 4: Working with Images and Graphics
    Importing images and graphics
    Manipulating images within InDesign
    Using shapes and drawing tools

    Unit 5: Page Layout and Design
    Grids and guides
    Aligning and distributing objects
    Creating a cohesive layout

    Unit 6: Color and Effects
    Working with color swatches
    Applying gradients and transparency
    Adding special effects to objects

    Unit 7: Tables and Data Merge
    Creating and formatting tables
    Using data merge for repetitive content
    Managing data in InDesign

    Unit 8: Interactive Documents
    Hyperlinks and cross-references
    Creating interactive buttons and forms
    Exporting to interactive PDFs

    Unit 9: Printing and Exporting
    Print settings and options
    Exporting to different file formats
    Preparing files for professional printing


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