MS Excel and VBA or Macro Basics and Advanced

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    Module 1: Introduction to Microsoft Excel

    1.1 Overview of Microsoft Excel
    1.2 Excel Interface and Navigation
    1.3 Basic Data Entry and Formatting
    1.4 Cell References and Formulas
    1.5 Working with Worksheets and Workbooks

    Module 2: Intermediate Excel Skills

    2.1 Advanced Formulas and Functions
    2.2 Data Validation and Validation Rules
    2.3 Sorting and Filtering Data
    2.4 PivotTables and PivotCharts
    2.5 Advanced Charting Techniques

    Module 3: Introduction to VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)

    3.1 Understanding VBA and its Applications
    3.2 Getting Started with the VBA Editor
    3.3 Writing and Running Simple Macros
    3.4 Exploring VBA Variables and Data Types
    3.5 Conditional Statements and Looping in VBA

    Module 4: Advanced VBA Concepts

    4.1 Working with Arrays and Collections
    4.2 User Forms and Controls
    4.3 Error Handling and Debugging
    4.4 Advanced VBA Techniques
    4.5 Creating Custom Functions and Procedures

    Module 5: Excel Automation with Macros

    5.1 Macro Recording and Playback
    5.2 Editing and Enhancing Recorded Macros
    5.3 Running Macros Automatically
    5.4 Macro Security and Best Practices
    5.5 Creating Custom Ribbon Tabs and Buttons

    Module 6: Integrating Excel with Other Applications

    6.1 Importing and Exporting Data
    6.2 Excel and Outlook Integration
    6.3 Excel and Access Integration
    6.4 Excel and PowerPoint Integration
    6.5 Web Integration and Collaboration


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