.NET with WPF

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    Unit 1: Introduction to .NET with WPF
    Overview of .NET Framework
    Introduction to WPF
    XAML (eXtensible Application Markup Language)
    Development Environment Setup

    Unit 2: WPF Basics
    Understanding WPF Windows and Controls
    Layout Management in WPF
    Data Binding in WPF

    Unit 3: WPF MVVM Pattern
    Overview of MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel)
    Implementing MVVM in WPF
    Commands and Data Binding in MVVM

    Unit 4: Styling and Templating in WPF
    WPF Styles
    Control Templates
    Data Templates

    Unit 5: WPF Animation and Multimedia
    Animation Basics in WPF
    Multimedia in WPF
    Visual Effects and Transforms

    Unit 6: WPF Custom Controls
    Creating Custom Controls in WPF
    UserControl vs. CustomControl
    Customizing Control Templates

    Unit 7: WPF Data Access
    Working with Databases in WPF
    Entity Framework with WPF
    Data Binding to Collections

    Unit 8: WPF Advanced Topics
    Asynchronous Programming in WPF
    Dependency Properties
    Attached Properties
    Routed Events

    Unit 9: WPF Deployment and ClickOnce
    Packaging and Deploying WPF Applications
    ClickOnce Deployment
    Installer Options for WPF

    Unit 10: WPF and Integration with Other Technologies
    WPF and Web Services
    WPF and RESTful APIs
    Integration with ASP.NET

    Unit 11: Testing and Debugging in WPF
    Unit Testing WPF Applications
    Debugging Techniques
    Profiling WPF Applications


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