Kotlin with Java

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    Module 1: Introduction to Kotlin
    Overview of Kotlin
    Kotlin’s relationship with Java
    Setting up Kotlin development environment
    Basic Kotlin syntax and features

    Module 2: Kotlin Fundamentals
    Variables and data types
    Control flow and loops
    Functions and lambdas
    Nullability and optionals in Kotlin

    Module 3: Object-Oriented Programming in Kotlin
    Classes and objects in Kotlin
    Inheritance and interfaces
    Overriding methods
    Data classes and delegation

    Module 4: Kotlin and Java Interoperability
    Calling Kotlin code from Java
    Calling Java code from Kotlin
    Working with nullability differences

    Module 5: Coroutines and Concurrency
    Introduction to coroutines
    Asynchronous programming in Kotlin
    Concurrency patterns and best practices

    Module 6: Kotlin Standard Library
    Overview of Kotlin Standard Library
    Collections and extension functions
    Commonly used utility functions

    Module 7: Advanced Kotlin Features
    Sealed classes and interfaces
    Extension functions and properties
    Delegated properties
    Inline functions and reified types

    Module 8: Kotlin for Android Development (Optional)
    Introduction to Android development with Kotlin
    Building UIs with Kotlin for Android
    Interacting with Android APIs in Kotlin


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