C++ Programming

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    C++ is a cross-platform language that can be used to create high-performance applications. It is a fast and strongly-typed programming language which makes it an ideal choice for developing operating systems. Mac OS X has large amounts and most of the software from Microsoft like Windows, Microsoft Office, IDE Visual Studio, and Internet Explorer are also written in C++.

    Section 1 – Getting Started 

    1.Object-Oriented Fundamentals

    • Programming Paradigms
    • Conquering Complexity


    • Built-in Types, Arrays and Pointers
    • Comments, Keywords, I/O Streams
    • Built-in Operators and Control Constructs
    • Dynamic Free Store Operators

    3.C++ Functions

    • Definition and Prototypes
    • Inline Functions

    4.Structures and References

    Section 2 – Classes and Objects


    • Data Members, Member Functions
    • Private and Public

    2.Constructors and Destructors

    • Default Arguments
    • Storage Allocation and Deallocation
    • this Pointer
    • Copy Constructors

    Section 3 – Overloading

    1.Overloading Functions

    2.Overloading Operators

    • Unary and Binary Operators
    • Initialization vs. Assignment
    • Stream Input and Output

    Section 4 – Polymorphic Programming


    • Public Inheritance and Subtyping
    • Base and Derived Classes
    • Constructors and Destructors
    • Base Class Initialization
    • Using Protected keyword

    2.Virtual Functions

    • Base Class Pointers and References

    3.Dynamic Binding

    • Abstract Base Classes
    • Pure Virtual Functions
    • Virtual Destructors

    Section 5 – Code Reuse in C++


    • Objects as Data Members
    • Member Initialization

    2.Private Inheritance 

    • Base and Derived Relationship
    • Access Declarations

    Section 6 – Designing with C++


    • Template Functions
    • Template Classes


    • try, catch, throw
    • Exception Hierarchies

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    C++ is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language that is viewed by many as the best language for creating large-scale applications. C++ is a superset of the C language. A related programming language, Java, is based on C++ but optimized for the distribution of program objects in a network such as the Internet.