Java Fullstack with Azure

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    1. Introduction to Java Fullstack Development

    Overview of Fullstack Development
    Introduction to Java for Fullstack
    Setting up the Development Environment

    2 . Frontend Development with Java

    HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Basics
    Java-based Frontend Frameworks (e.g., Spring Boot, Vaadin)
    Frontend Build Tools and Automation

    3 . Backend Development with Java

    Introduction to Java Backend Development
    RESTful API Development with Java
    Database Integration and Management

    4 . Introduction to Azure

    Overview of Microsoft Azure
    Setting up Azure Accounts and Resources
    Azure Services Overview

    5 . Cloud Development with Azure and Java

    Deploying Java Applications to Azure
    Integration with Azure Storage
    Azure Functions for Serverless Java

    6 . Database in the Cloud

    Azure Database Services
    Connecting Java Applications to Azure Databases
    Data Security and Management

    7 . Authentication and Authorization

    Azure Active Directory Integration
    Securing Java Applications in Azure
    Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

    8. Monitoring and Logging

    Azure Monitoring Tools
    Logging Best Practices in Java
    Application Insights for Java

    9 . Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD)

    Setting up CI/CD Pipelines
    Jenkins Integration with Azure
    Deployment Strategies in Azure

    10. Scaling and Performance Optimization

    Autoscaling in Azure
    Performance Monitoring and Tuning
    Caching Strategies in Java Applications

    11 . DevOps Practices for Java Fullstack

    Collaboration and Communication in DevOps
    Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
    Git and Version Control


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