Java Full stack

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    1 . Introduction to Full-Stack Development:

    Overview of Full-Stack Development
    Importance of Full-Stack Developers

    2 . Front-End Development:

    HTML5 and CSS3 Basics
    JavaScript Fundamentals
    DOM Manipulation
    Responsive Web Design
    Front-End Frameworks (e.g., Angular, React, or Vue)

    3 . Back-End Development with Java:

    Introduction to Back-End Development
    Java Basics
    Java Servlets
    JavaServer Pages (JSP)
    Spring Framework Introduction

    4 . Database Management:

    Relational Database Concepts
    SQL Basics
    JDBC (Java Database Connectivity)
    ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) with Hibernate

    5 . RESTful Web Services:

    Introduction to RESTful APIs
    Designing RESTful APIs
    Building RESTful Services with Spring Boot

    6 .  Version Control:

    Introduction to Version Control (e.g., Git)
    Git Basics
    Branching and Merging Strategies

    7 . Build Tools and Dependency Management:

    Maven or Gradle Basics
    Managing Dependencies

    8.  Front-End Framework Integration:

    Integrating Front-End with Back-End
    REST API Consumption from Front-End

    9 . Authentication and Authorization:

    User Authentication
    Authorization Concepts
    Implementing Security in a Full-Stack Application

    10 . Testing:

    Unit Testing
    Integration Testing
    End-to-End Testing

    11 . Deployment and DevOps:

    Deployment Strategies
    Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)
    Docker Basics

    12 . Monitoring and Logging:

    Application Monitoring
    Logging Strategies

    13 . Agile Development and Scrum:

    Introduction to Agile
    Scrum Basics
    Agile Development Practices

    14 . Project Management:

    Managing Software Projects
    Collaboration Tools (e.g., JIRA)


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