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    Introduction to Delphi
    1.1 Overview of Delphi
    1.2 History and Evolution
    1.3 Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

    Getting Started with Delphi
    2.1 Installation and Setup
    2.2 Creating a New Project
    2.3 Understanding the IDE Layout

    Delphi Basics
    3.1 Variables and Data Types
    3.2 Operators and Expressions
    3.3 Control Flow Statements (if, else, switch)
    3.4 Loops (for, while, repeat)

    Object-Oriented Programming in Delphi
    4.1 Classes and Objects
    4.2 Inheritance
    4.3 Polymorphism
    4.4 Encapsulation

    User Interface Design
    5.1 Forms and Controls
    5.2 Event Handling
    5.3 Creating Menus and Toolbars

    Database Programming in Delphi
    6.1 Connecting to a Database
    6.2 Working with DataSets
    6.3 SQL Queries in Delphi

    File Handling
    7.1 Reading and Writing Text Files
    7.2 Binary File Operations

    Exception Handling
    8.1 Understanding Exceptions
    8.2 Try…Except Blocks
    8.3 Exception Handling Best Practices

    Multithreading in Delphi
    9.1 Introduction to Multithreading
    9.2 Creating and Managing Threads
    9.3 Synchronization and Communication

    Advanced Delphi Features
    10.1 Generics
    10.2 Anonymous Methods
    10.3 Reflection and Attributes

    Deployment and Distribution
    11.1 Compiling and Building Applications
    11.2 Packaging and Deployment


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