C++ with Linux

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    Module 1: Introduction to C++ and Linux
    1.1 Overview of C++ Language
    1.2 Introduction to Linux Operating System
    1.3 Setting Up the Development Environment

    Module 2: C++ Basics
    2.1 Variables and Data Types
    2.2 Control Flow (if, switch, loops)
    2.3 Functions and Methods

    Module 3: Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) in C++
    3.1 Classes and Objects
    3.2 Inheritance
    3.3 Polymorphism and Abstraction
    3.4 Encapsulation

    Module 4: Advanced C++ Features
    4.1 Templates
    4.2 Exception Handling
    4.3 Smart Pointers

    Module 5: File I/O and Streams in C++
    5.1 Working with Files
    5.2 Input and Output Streams

    Module 6: Introduction to Linux Development
    6.1 Linux Command Line Basics
    6.2 Compiling and Running C++ Programs on Linux
    6.3 Makefiles and Build Automation

    Module 7: Linux System Programming
    7.1 Working with Processes
    7.2 Interprocess Communication (IPC)
    7.3 File and Directory Manipulation

    Module 8: C++ Development on Linux
    8.1 Integrating C++ with Linux System Calls
    8.2 POSIX Threads and Multithreading
    8.3 Socket Programming in C++

    Module 9: Debugging and Profiling
    9.1 Using GDB for Debugging
    9.2 Profiling C++ Programs

    Module 10: Advanced Linux Development Topics
    10.1 Linux Kernel Modules
    10.2 Device Drivers in C
    10.3 System Administration Basics

    Module 11: Version Control with Git
    11.1 Git Basics
    11.2 Collaborative Development with Git


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