Angualr JS

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    Unit 1: Introduction to AngularJS
    Overview of AngularJS
    Benefits and features
    Getting started with AngularJS

    Unit 2: AngularJS Architecture
    Modules in AngularJS
    Controllers and Views
    Directives and Expressions
    Services and Factories

    Unit 3: Data Binding and Models
    Two-way Data Binding
    ngModel and Form controls
    Working with Models

    Unit 4: Routing in AngularJS
    Setting up routes
    Configuring route parameters
    Navigation in AngularJS

    Unit 5: Dependency Injection
    Understanding Dependency Injection
    Injecting services and components
    Creating and using services

    Unit 6: Forms and Validation
    Form handling in AngularJS
    Implementing client-side validation
    Custom validation

    Unit 7: Directives and Custom Directives
    Built-in directives
    Creating custom directives
    Directive communication

    Unit 8: Filters and Pipes
    Using built-in filters
    Creating custom filters
    Working with pipes

    Unit 9: Testing in AngularJS
    Overview of testing in AngularJS
    Unit testing with Jasmine
    End-to-end testing with Protractor

    Unit 10: AngularJS and RESTful APIs
    Consuming APIs in AngularJS
    Using $http for HTTP requests
    RESTful best practices

    Unit 11: Deployment and Optimization
    Preparing for deployment
    Optimizing AngularJS applications


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