Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Server Administration

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    UNIT 1 : Introduction to Ubuntu Server:

    Overview of Ubuntu Server
    Understanding the Ubuntu release cycle
    Installation and basic configuration

    UNIT 2 : Command-Line Interface (CLI) Basics:

    Navigating the file system
    Working with files and directories
    Introduction to essential command-line utilities

    UNIT 3 : User and Group Management:

    Adding and managing user accounts
    Group administration and permissions
    Implementing security best practices

    UNIT 4 : Package Management:

    Using APT (Advanced Package Tool)
    Installing, updating, and removing packages
    Managing software repositories

    UNIT 5 : System Configuration and Maintenance:

    Configuring network settings
    Managing system time and date
    Understanding and configuring system

    UNIT 6 : File System and Storage Management:

    File system concepts (ext4, partitions, etc.)
    Disk management and monitoring
    Implementing file and directory permissions

    UNIT 7 : Networking and Firewall:

    Configuring network interfaces
    Basic firewall setup with UFW (Uncomplicated Firewall)
    Troubleshooting network issues

    UNIT 8 : Security and Hardening:

    Implementing security best practices
    Managing user privileges with sudo
    Configuring SSH for secure remote access

    UNIT 9 : Web Server Administration (e.g., Apache or Nginx):

    Installing and configuring a web server
    Managing virtual hosts
    Basic web server security considerations

    UNIT 10 : Database Server Administration (e.g., MySQL or PostgreSQL):

    Installing and configuring a database server
    Creating and managing databases and users
    Basic database security considerations

    UNIT 11 : Backup and Recovery:

    Implementing backup strategies
    Restoring from backups
    Planning for disaster recovery

    UNIT 12 : Monitoring and Logging:

    Configuring system logs
    Monitoring system performance
    Introduction to monitoring tools like Prometheus and Grafana

    UNIT 13 : Automation with Bash Scripts:

    Basics of Bash scripting
    Writing simple scripts for automation
    Using cron for scheduled tasks


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