gRPC & IP Networking

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    Training Mode: Online



    Module 1: Introduction to gRPC

    1.1 Overview of Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

    1.1.1 History and evolution
    1.1.2 Advantages over traditional RPC
    1.1.3 Use cases
    1.2 Introduction to gRPC

    1.2.1 What is gRPC?
    1.2.2 Key features and benefits
    1.2.3 Comparison with other RPC frameworks
    1.3 gRPC Architecture

    1.3.1 Service definition
    1.3.2 Protocol Buffers
    1.3.3 Server and client components
    1.3.4 Data serialization and deserialization

    Module 2: Setting Up and Configuring gRPC

    2.1 Installing gRPC

    2.1.1 Language-specific installations (e.g., Python, Java, C++)
    2.1.2 Required dependencies
    2.2 Creating a Simple gRPC Service

    2.2.1 Defining a service interface
    2.2.2 Implementing server and client
    2.3 gRPC Code Generation

    2.3.1 Generating code with Protocol Buffers
    2.3.2 Handling generated code

    Module 3: Advanced gRPC Concepts

    3.1 Unary and Streaming RPC

    3.1.1 Simple RPC (Unary)
    3.1.2 Server streaming RPC
    3.1.3 Client streaming RPC
    3.1.4 Bidirectional streaming RPC
    3.2 Error Handling and Status Codes

    3.2.1 Handling errors in gRPC
    3.2.2 Status codes and their meanings
    3.3 Interceptors and Middleware

    3.3.1 Modifying requests and responses
    3.3.2 Use cases for interceptors

    Module 4: IP Networking Basics

    4.1 Introduction to IP Networking

    4.1.1 Overview of the OSI model
    4.1.2 TCP/IP protocol suite
    4.2 IP Addressing and Subnetting

    4.2.1 IPv4 vs. IPv6
    4.2.2 Subnetting and CIDR notation
    4.3 Routing and Switching

    4.3.1 Basic routing concepts
    4.3.2 Switching technologies

    Module 5: Integrating gRPC with IP Networking

    5.1 Networking for gRPC Services

    5.1.1 Host configurations
    5.1.2 Port allocation and management
    5.2 Security in gRPC

    5.2.1 Transport Layer Security (TLS)
    5.2.2 Authentication and authorization
    5.3 Load Balancing and Service Discovery

    5.3.1 Load balancing strategies
    5.3.2 Service discovery mechanisms


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