ADFS on Windows 2019

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    Unit 1: Introduction to ADFS
    Overview of Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)
    ADFS Role in Identity and Access Management
    Key Features of ADFS

    Unit 2: ADFS Installation and Configuration
    Prerequisites for ADFS Installation
    Installing ADFS on Windows Server 2019
    Configuring ADFS Farm
    ADFS Service Account and Database Options

    Unit 3: ADFS Trust Relationships
    Understanding Trust Relationships in ADFS
    Configuring Relying Party Trusts
    Claims Providers and Transformation Rules

    Unit 4: ADFS Authentication
    Authentication Methods in ADFS
    Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Setup
    ADFS Extranet Lockout and Smart Lockout

    Unit 5: ADFS High Availability and Disaster Recovery
    Load Balancing ADFS Servers
    ADFS Farm Backup and Restore
    Planning for ADFS Disaster Recovery

    Unit 6: ADFS Monitoring and Logging
    ADFS Auditing and Logging
    Monitoring ADFS Health
    Troubleshooting Common ADFS Issues

    Unit 7: ADFS and Web Application Proxy
    Configuring Web Application Proxy (WAP)
    Publishing Applications through WAP
    Securing Remote Access with ADFS and WAP

    Unit 8: ADFS Integration with Azure AD
    ADFS and Azure AD Integration Scenarios
    Federating On-Premises Active Directory with Azure AD
    Managing Identities in Hybrid Environments


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