Full stack QA Automation Training

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    1 . Introduction to QA Automation

    Overview of QA and Automation
    Benefits of QA Automation
    Role of Automation in Software Testing

    2 . Introduction to Selenium

    Overview of Selenium
    Selenium WebDriver
    Selenium IDE
    Selenium Grid

    3 . Programming Basics for Automation

    Introduction to Programming Languages
    Basics of Java/Python for Automation
    Variables, Data Types, and Operators

    4 . Selenium WebDriver Basics

    Setting up Selenium WebDriver
    Locators and WebElement Interactions
    Handling Different Browser Types

    5 . Advanced Selenium WebDriver

    Page Object Model (POM)
    WebDriver Waits
    Handling Alerts, Frames, and Windows
    Advanced Interaction Techniques

    6 . TestNG or JUnit for Test Automation

    Introduction to TestNG or JUnit
    Annotations and Test Execution
    Parameterization and Data-Driven Testing

    7 . Behavior Driven Development (BDD) with Cucumber

    Introduction to BDD
    Writing Gherkin Syntax
    Integrating Cucumber with Selenium

    8 . API Testing with RestAssured

    Introduction to API Testing
    RESTful Web Services
    Setting up RestAssured

    9 . Database Testing

    Basics of Database Testing
    SQL Queries for Testing
    JDBC for Database Connectivity

    10 . Continuous Integration with Jenkins

    Introduction to Jenkins
    Setting up Jenkins Jobs for Automation
    Integrating Automation with Jenkins

    11 . Version Control with Git

    Introduction to Version Control
    Basics of Git
    Git Integration with Automation Projects

    12 . Performance Testing Basics

    Introduction to Performance Testing
    Tools like JMeter for Performance Testing

    13 : Mobile Application Testing

    Basics of Mobile App Testing
    Appium for Mobile Automation

    14 : Docker for Test Automation

    Introduction to Docker
    Dockerizing Automation Environments


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