Appium Automation

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    Unit 1: Introduction to Appium Automation
    Overview of Appium
    Importance of Automation in Mobile App Testing
    Installing and Configuring Appium

    Unit 2: Appium Setup and Basics
    Setting Up Appium for Android
    Setting Up Appium for iOS
    Understanding Appium Desired Capabilities
    Creating Your First Appium Test

    Unit 3: Appium Elements and Interactions
    Locating Mobile Elements
    Interacting with Mobile Elements
    Working with Text Fields, Buttons, and Links
    Handling Gestures in Appium

    Unit 4: Appium Test Execution
    Executing Appium Tests on Emulators
    Executing Appium Tests on Real Devices
    Running Tests in Parallel
    Handling Test Reports and Logs

    Unit 5: Advanced Appium Concepts
    Page Object Model (POM) in Appium
    Handling Alerts and Pop-ups
    Synchronization Strategies
    Data-Driven Testing with Appium

    Unit 6: Appium Best Practices
    Writing Maintainable and Scalable Appium Tests
    Code Organization and Reusability
    Debugging Appium Tests
    Troubleshooting Common Issues

    Unit 7: Continuous Integration with Appium
    Integrating Appium with CI/CD Pipelines
    Running Appium Tests on CI Servers
    Reporting and Notifications in CI/CD

    Unit 8: Performance and Load Testing for Mobile Apps
    Importance of Performance Testing in Mobile Apps
    Using Appium for Performance Testing
    Load Testing Strategies for Mobile Applications

    Unit 9: Appium and Cross-Browser Testing
    Cross-Browser Testing Fundamentals
    Appium for Cross-Browser Testing
    Handling Browser-specific Differences

    Unit 10: Appium and Cloud Testing Platforms
    Introduction to Cloud Testing
    Running Appium Tests on Cloud Platforms
    Scaling Appium Tests with Cloud Solutions

    Unit 11: Appium and Test Automation Frameworks
    Overview of Test Automation Frameworks
    Integrating Appium with Testing Frameworks
    Choosing the Right Framework for Your Project


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