D365FO Technical Training

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    UNIT 1 : Introduction to Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (D365FO)

    Overview of D365FO
    Key Features and Capabilities

    UNIT 2 : Architecture of D365FO

    Technical Architecture
    Data Architecture
    Integration Points

    UNIT 3 : Development Environment Setup

    Installing and Configuring Development Tools
    Connecting to D365FO Environment

    UNIT 4 : X++ Programming Language

    Introduction to X++
    Data Types and Variables
    Control Structures

    UNIT 5 : Development in D365FO

    Creating Tables and Data Entities
    Working with Forms and Views
    Developing Reports

    UNIT 6 : Security and Role-based Access Control

    Managing Security in D365FO
    Configuring Role-based Access Controls

    UNIT 7 : Integration with External Systems

    Data Import/Export
    Integrating D365FO with Other Applications

    UNIT 8 : Development Lifecycle and Source Control

    Managing Development Lifecycle
    Using Source Control for D365FO Projects

    UNIT 9 : Performance Optimization

    Best Practices for Optimizing Performance
    Monitoring and Troubleshooting Performance Issues

    UNIT 10 : Workflow and Business Process Automation

    Configuring Workflows
    Implementing Business Process Automation

    UNIT 11 : Upgrades and Maintenance

    Strategies for Upgrading D365FO
    Performing Regular Maintenance Tasks

    UNIT 12 : Testing and Quality Assurance

    Strategies for Testing D365FO Solutions
    Ensuring Quality in Development

    UNIT 13 : Power Platform Integration

    Integrating with Power Apps and Power BI
    Leveraging Power Automate in D365FO

    UNIT  14 : Customization and Extension Framework

    Extending D365FO Functionality
    Developing Custom Solutions


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