Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE)

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    Training Mode: Online



    1. Introduction to Wireless Communication
    Overview of wireless communication technologies
    Evolution of Bluetooth technology
    Bluetooth Classic vs. Bluetooth Low Energy

    2. Basics of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
    BLE architecture and protocol stack
    GAP (Generic Access Profile) and GATT (Generic Attribute Profile)
    Advertising and discovery mechanisms
    Connection establishment and data exchange

    3. BLE Services and Characteristics
    Understanding GATT services and characteristics
    Standard BLE services (e.g., Heart Rate, Battery Level)
    Custom services and characteristics

    4. BLE Development Environment
    Introduction to BLE development kits
    Setting up BLE development tools and environments
    Overview of BLE development platforms (e.g., Nordic Semiconductor, Texas Instruments)

    5. BLE Programming
    Programming with BLE APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)
    Code examples for advertising, scanning, and data exchange Handling BLE events and callbacks

    6. BLE Security
    Pairing mechanisms in BLE
    Encryption and privacy in BLE
    Security best practices for BLE applications

    7. BLE and Mobile Applications
    Integrating BLE with Android and iOS platforms
    Developing BLE-enabled mobile applications
    Case studies of BLE in mobile applications

    8. BLE Testing and Debugging
    Testing tools for BLE devices
    Debugging common BLE issues
    Performance optimization techniques

    9. BLE in IoT and Wearables
    Role of BLE in IoT applications
    BLE in wearable devices
    Practical examples and case studies

    10. BLE and Cloud Integration
    Connecting BLE devices to the cloud
    IoT platforms and BLE integration
    Data synchronization and security considerations

    11. Advanced Topics
    Bluetooth mesh networking
    Beacon technology and applications
    Energy efficiency and power management in BLE

    12. Industry Standards and Certification
    Bluetooth SIG standards and specifications
    Bluetooth certification process
    Compliance with Bluetooth standards


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