Blue Prism

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    1. Introduction to Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
    Overview of RPA and its significance
    Benefits and challenges of RPA implementation
    Role of RPA in business processes

    2. Introduction to Blue Prism
    Overview of Blue Prism as an RPA tool
    Features and capabilities of Blue Prism
    Blue Prism architecture and components

    3. Blue Prism Installation and Setup
    System requirements and prerequisites
    Installation process for Blue Prism
    Configuring Blue Prism environments

    4. Blue Prism Interface and Components
    Introduction to the Blue Prism interface
    Understanding processes, objects, and pages
    Work queues and data items in Blue Prism

    5. Process Design in Blue Prism
    Process definition and documentation
    Building and editing processes
    Decision stages and control loops

    6. Blue Prism Studio
    Working with the Blue Prism Studio
    Using the process studio for process design
    Managing process flow and logic

    7. Blue Prism Control Room
    Overview of the Blue Prism Control Room
    Managing and monitoring robots
    Scheduling and managing processes

    8. Blue Prism Object Studio
    Creating and managing business objects
    Handling data and input/output parameters
    Exception handling in Blue Prism

    9. Advanced Blue Prism Features
    Error handling and debugging
    Credential management
    Using Blue Prism for web automation

    10. Blue Prism Deployment
    Best practices for deploying Blue Prism processes
    Version control and release management
    Handling security considerations

    11. Blue Prism Robotic Operating Model (ROM)
    Understanding the ROM framework
    Governance and compliance in RPA
    Managing the RPA lifecycle


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