Trade and Logistics(Dynamics AX 2012 R3)

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online




    1.1 Overview of Dynamics AX 2012 R3
    1.2 Purpose of Trade and Logistics Module

    Basic Concepts

    2.1 Understanding Trade and Logistics in Dynamics AX
    2.2 Key Terminology

    Configuration and Setup

    3.1 System Configuration
    3.1.1 Legal Entities and Operating Units
    3.1.2 Organization Hierarchy
    3.2 Module Setup
    3.2.1 Inventory Setup
    3.2.2 Warehouse Setup
    3.2.3 Product Information Management
    3.2.4 Item Groups and Categories

    Master Data Management

    4.1 Vendor and Customer Management
    4.2 Product and Item Management
    4.3 Price and Discount Agreements
    4.4 Catalogs and Hierarchies

    Order Processing

    5.1 Sales Orders
    5.1.1 Creating Sales Orders
    5.1.2 Order Confirmation and Reservation
    5.2 Purchase Orders
    5.2.1 Creating Purchase Orders
    5.2.2 Order Confirmation and Receiving

    Inventory Management

    6.1 Stock Movements
    6.1.1 Transfers and Adjustments
    6.1.2 Inventory Closing
    6.2 Tracking and Traceability
    6.2.1 Batch and Serial Number Management
    6.2.2 RFID Integration

    Warehouse Management

    7.1 Warehouse Processes
    7.1.1 Picking and Packing
    7.1.2 Putaway and Replenishment

    Transportation Management

    8.1 Shipment Planning
    8.2 Carrier Integration
    8.3 Route Optimization

    Trade Compliance

    9.1 Customs and Duties
    9.2 Regulatory Compliance

    Reporting and Analytics

    10.1 Standard Reports
    10.2 Custom Reports and Dashboards

    Integration with Other Modules

    11.1 Financial Integration
    11.2 Project Management and Accounting


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