SAP Transportation Management

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    Introduction to SAP Transportation Management

    1.1 Overview of SAP TM
    1.2 Key Features and Capabilities
    1.3 Importance of Transportation Management in Supply Chain

    SAP TM Architecture

    2.1 System Landscape
    2.2 Components and Modules
    2.3 Integration with Other SAP Modules

    Master Data in SAP TM

    3.1 Business Partners
    3.2 Locations
    3.3 Transportation Zones
    3.4 Product Master Data

    Transportation Planning

    4.1 Freight Unit Building
    4.2 Planning Strategies
    4.3 Carrier Selection
    4.4 Route Determination

    Transportation Execution

    5.1 Order Management
    5.2 Shipment Building
    5.3 Tendering Process
    5.4 Carrier Collaboration

    Monitoring and Event Management

    6.1 Tracking and Tracing
    6.2 Event Handling
    6.3 Visibility in Transportation

    Freight Cost Management

    7.1 Rate Management
    7.2 Freight Cost Calculation
    7.3 Settlement Process

    SAP TM Analytics and Reporting

    8.1 Standard Reports
    8.2 Custom Reporting
    8.3 Analytics for Decision-Making

    Integration with SAP S/4HANA and Other Systems

    9.1 SAP TM and SAP S/4HANA Integration
    9.2 Integration with ERP Systems
    9.3 External System Integration


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