SAP ABA and BTP Admin

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    1 . Introduction to SAP ABAP
    Overview of SAP ABAP
    Evolution and history
    ABAP development environment

    2 . ABAP Basics
    Data types and operators
    Control structures (if, case, loops)
    ABAP programs and modules

    3 . SAP Data Dictionary
    Tables, views, and data elements
    Table maintenance generator
    Lock objects and transactions

    4 . ABAP Development Tools (ADT)
    Introduction to ABAP in Eclipse
    Code editors and development perspectives
    Debugging and testing tools

    5 . Object-Oriented ABAP
    Classes, methods, and interfaces
    Inheritance and polymorphism
    Exception handling

    6 . SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) Overview
    Introduction to SAP BTP
    Cloud Foundry and Neo environments
    Services and capabilities

    7 . BTP Administration Basics
    User and role management
    Security in BTP
    Monitoring and logging tools

    8 . SAP HANA Overview
    Introduction to SAP HANA
    Integration with ABAP
    HANA database objects

    9 . SAP Fiori and UI5
    Overview of SAP Fiori
    Introduction to SAPUI5
    Building Fiori applications

    10 . Integration with Other SAP Modules
    Integration with SAP ERP
    RFC (Remote Function Call)
    SAP Gateway

    11 . Transport Management
    Overview of transport management
    Transport requests and tasks
    Import and export of transports

    12 . Performance Tuning and Optimization
    ABAP performance tuning
    BTP performance considerations