Mongo DB

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    1.1 Background
    1.2 Objectives of the Document
    1.3 Scope and Limitations

    Overview of ITT_FS Mobile App Development
    2.1 Understanding ITT_FS Requirements
    2.2 Importance of Mobile Apps in ITT_FS
    2.3 Key Features and Functionalities

    Mobile App Platforms: iOS and Android
    3.1 Overview of iOS Development
    3.1.1 Introduction to Swift Programming Language
    3.1.2 iOS App Architecture
    3.1.3 Tools and IDEs for iOS Development
    3.2 Overview of Android Development
    3.2.1 Introduction to Kotlin Programming Language
    3.2.2 Android App Architecture
    3.2.3 Tools and IDEs for Android Development

    Project Planning and Management
    4.1 Requirement Analysis
    4.2 Project Timeline and Milestones
    4.3 Resource Allocation
    4.4 Risk Management

    User Interface (UI) Design
    5.1 Principles of Mobile App UI/UX Design
    5.2 Wireframing and Prototyping
    5.3 Design Guidelines for iOS and Android

    Coding Practices and Standards
    6.1 Best Practices for Swift Coding
    6.2 Best Practices for Kotlin Coding
    6.3 Code Reviews and Version Control

    Database Integration
    7.1 Data Models and Schema
    7.2 Integration with ITT_FS Databases
    7.3 Data Security and Encryption

    Testing and Quality Assurance
    8.1 Unit Testing Strategies
    8.2 Integration Testing
    8.3 User Acceptance Testing

    Deployment and Release
    9.1 App Store Submission (iOS)
    9.2 Google Play Submission (Android)
    9.3 Versioning and Release Notes

    Maintenance and Support
    10.1 Monitoring and Analytics
    10.2 Bug Fixes and Updates
    10.3 User Feedback and Continuous Improvement


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