Data Business Language

Duration: Hours

Training Mode: Online


Data Business –¬† both Python and R are widely used for data processing and analysis.

1.Introduction to Data Business

What is Synergy/DE?
Program organization
System components
Basic language elements
Other language features
Synergy DBL files

2.Defining Data

Data types
Rules for passing one type to another
Where data types can be used
Defining a field
Defining a parameter
Return values
Using data
Lifetime of data

3. Expressions

Understanding expressions
Assignment statements
Compile-time expressions and optimizations

4. Synergy DBL Statements

Introduction to statements
Statement syntax

5. Preprocessor and Compiler Directives

Types of directives and syntax

6. Error Handling

Error trapping
Structured exception handling
Exception classes

7. Understanding Routines

Writing and calling subroutines and functions
System-supplied subroutines and functions
Argument type mapping
How arguments and parameters are handled

8. Understanding Objects and Classes

Class members
Generic types (.NET)
Attributes (.NET)
Instantiation and destruction
Inheriting class functionality and data
Sample object code

9. System-Supplied Subroutines and Functions

10. System-Supplied Classes

System namespace
Synergex. SynergyDE namespace

11. Synergy ActiveX API

12. Synergy DLL API

13. Synergy Floating Point API

14. Synergy HTTP Document Transport API

15. Synergy Symbol Table API

16. Synergy Routine Call Block API

17. Synergy Socket API

18. Synergy Windows Printing API

General windowing concepts
Windowing routines
Error processing in the windowing system
Converting your code to use the windowing API

19. Synergy XML API

Window IDs and names
Window I/O
Screen updates
Window areas
Window placement and occlusion
Overlay windows
Terminal I/O
Colors and the color palette
Windowing subroutines on Windows platforms
Windowing API and UI Toolkit
Window definitions
Hardware scrolling
User data sets

20. Synergy Windowing API

21. Synergy .NET Assembly API

22. Synergy DBL C Interface

Understanding the C interface
Passing arguments to C routines from Synergy DBL
C routine processing
Runtime interface functions


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Business data is all the information that is related to a company, such as sales data, customer contact information, and even website traffic statistics.Relative to today’s computers and transmission media, data is information converted into binary digital form.