System Architect Essentials (PEGA 8.8)

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    Module 1: Introduction to PEGA 8.8

    Overview of PEGA Platform
    Key features and capabilities of PEGA 8.8
    Understanding the role of a System Architect

    Module 2: PEGA Platform Fundamentals

    PEGA application structure
    Rule types and their usage
    Class structure and hierarchy
    Data modeling and relationships

    Module 3: Building User Interfaces

    Introduction to UI design in PEGA
    Creating forms and layouts
    Configuring dynamic layouts
    Implementing reusable UI components

    Module 4: Business Logic in PEGA

    Overview of decision rules
    Implementing decision tables and decision trees
    Introduction to Declarative rules
    Designing and configuring business rules

    Module 5: Case Management

    Understanding cases in PEGA
    Configuring case types
    Implementing case life cycle and stages
    Integrating case management with other components

    Module 6: Integration in PEGA

    Introduction to integration
    Configuring connectors and services
    Implementing data mappings
    Handling errors and exceptions in integrations

    Module 7: Security and Access Control

    Authentication and authorization in PEGA
    Configuring access groups
    Implementing security policies
    Role-based access control

    Module 8: Reporting and Dashboards

    Introduction to reporting tools in PEGA
    Configuring reports and charts
    Building dashboards for real-time monitoring
    Analyzing and interpreting data

    Module 9: Deployment and DevOps

    Overview of deployment in PEGA
    Configuring application packaging
    Implementing continuous integration and deployment
    Best practices for version control

    Module 10: Performance Optimization

    Identifying and addressing performance bottlenecks
    Configuring and optimizing rule resolution
    Implementing caching strategies
    Monitoring and analyzing system performance

    Module 11: Best Practices and Troubleshooting

    Best practices for PEGA development
    Common issues and their resolutions
    Debugging and troubleshooting techniques
    Performance tuning tips


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