implementation and customization

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    Introduction to

    1.1 Overview of
    1.2 Benefits of
    1.3 Key Features Architecture

    2.1 Cloud Computing and SalesForce
    2.2 Multi-Tenant Architecture
    2.3 SalesForce Editions

    Getting Started with

    3.1 Creating a SalesForce Account
    3.2 Navigating the SalesForce Interface
    3.3 Setting Up User Profiles and Permissions

    Data Model and Objects

    4.1 Understanding Objects and Records
    4.2 Custom Objects and Fields
    4.3 Relationships in SalesForce

    SalesForce Customization

    5.1 Page Layouts
    5.2 Record Types
    5.3 Workflow Rules
    5.4 Validation Rules
    5.5 Approval Processes

    SalesForce Automation

    6.1 Lead Management
    6.2 Opportunity Management
    6.3 Case Management
    6.4 Campaigns and Campaign Management

    Reporting and Dashboards

    7.1 Creating Reports
    7.2 Custom Report Types
    7.3 Dashboards and Components

    Integration with

    8.1 Integrating SalesForce with External Systems
    8.2 Using SalesForce APIs
    8.3 Data Migration Strategies

    SalesForce Security

    9.1 User Authentication and Authorization
    9.2 Field-Level Security
    9.3 Record-Level Security

    SalesForce Lightning Experience

    10.1 Introduction to Lightning Experience
    10.2 Lightning App Builder
    10.3 Lightning Components

    AppExchange and App Development

    11.1 Overview of AppExchange
    11.2 Building and Publishing Apps on AppExchange
    11.3 Custom App Development in SalesForce


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