Developing Scalable Microservices on Azure Cloud

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online


    This comprehensive training program focuses on equipping participants with the skills and knowledge needed to design, develop, and deploy scalable microservices solutions on the Azure Cloud platform at Locus Academy .

    Through a combination of theoretical learning and hands-on exercises, participants will delve into key concepts such as microservices architecture, Azure service offerings, containerization, orchestration, scalability, and best practices for building resilient and efficient microservices applications.

    By the end of the training, participants will be proficient in leveraging Azure Cloud services to create scalable and reliable microservices architectures that meet the demands of modern cloud-based applications.


    1 . Introduction
    1.1 Overview of Microservices
    1.2 Importance of Microservices Architecture
    1.3 Azure as a Cloud Platform

    2 . Microservices Fundamentals
    2.1 Key Principles of Microservices
    2.2 Benefits and Challenges
    2.3 When to Choose Microservices Architecture

    3 . Azure cloud Services for Microservices
    3.1 Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
    3.2 Azure Service Fabric
    3.3 Azure Functions
    3.4 Azure API Management

    4 . Designing Microservices on Azure
    4.1 Domain-Driven Design (DDD)
    4.2 Service Decomposition Strategies
    4.3 Data Management in Microservices

    5 . Developing Microservices with Azure
    5.1 Choosing the Right Programming Language
    5.2 Containerization and Docker
    5.3 CI/CD for Microservices in Developing Scalable Microservices

    6 . Securing Microservices on Azure
    6.1 Authentication and Authorization
    6.2 API Security Best Practices
    6.3 Monitoring and Logging

    7  .Testing Microservices
    7.1 Unit Testing
    7.2 Integration Testing
    7.3 End-to-End Testing

    8 . Deployment Strategies
    8.1 Blue-Green Deployment
    8.2 Canary Deployment
    8.3 Feature Toggles in Developing Scalable Microservices

    9  .Scaling Microservices
    9.1 Horizontal vs. Vertical Scaling
    9.2 Autoscaling in Azure

    10 . Managing Microservices in Production
    10.1 Monitoring and Diagnostics
    10.2 Incident Response and Resolution
    10.3 Continuous Improvement


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