Advanced AWS Security (ITT_M) Training for Professionals

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    Training Mode: Online


    Gain comprehensive expertise in securing AWS environments with our Advanced AWS Security (ITT_M) Training for Professionals at Locus Academy .

    This specialized course is designed to equip participants with the advanced skills and knowledge necessary to implement robust security measures within AWS infrastructures. Through a combination of theoretical learning and practical hands-on exercises, participants will delve into topics such as identity and access management, network security, data protection, and compliance best practices specific to AWS.

    Led by experienced instructors, this training provides a deep understanding of AWS security services and features, empowering professionals to confidently architect, implement, and manage secure AWS solutions. Whether you’re a security professional seeking to specialize in AWS or an AWS practitioner aiming to enhance your security expertise, this course is tailored to meet your needs and prepare you for the AWS Security Specialty (ITT_M) certification exam.


    Unit 1: AWS Security Fundamentals
    Overview of AWS Security
    Shared Responsibility Model
    AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)

    Unit 2: AWS Security Services
    Amazon GuardDuty
    AWS WAF (Web Application Firewall)
    AWS Key Management Service (KMS)
    AWS CloudTrail
    AWS Config

    Unit 3: Network Security
    Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Security
    AWS Direct Connect
    AWS VPN in AWS Security

    Unit 4: Data Protection
    Amazon S3 Security
    Amazon Glacier Security
    AWS Secrets Manager
    AWS Certificate Manager

    Unit 5: Incident Response
    AWS Security Incident Response
    AWS CloudWatch Alarms and Events

    Unit 6: Monitoring and Logging
    AWS CloudWatch Logs
    AWS CloudWatch Metrics
    AWS CloudTrail Logs

    Unit 7: Identity and Access Management (IAM) Advanced Features
    IAM Policies and Roles
    IAM Federation and Single Sign-On (SSO)

    Unit 8: Automation and Scripting for Security
    AWS CloudFormation for Security
    AWS CLI and SDKs for Security Automation

    Unit 9: Security Best Practices
    AWS Security Best Practices
    Compliance and Governance in AWS


    Please Visit AWS Official Site: || Locus Academy ha s more than a decade experience in delivering the training/staffing on Advanced AWS Security (ITT_M) Training for Professionals for corporates across the globe. The participants for the training/staffing on Advanced AWS Security (ITT_M) Training for Professionals are extremely satisfied and are able to implement the learnings in their on going projects.

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