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    TigerGraph proven technology supports applications such as fraud detection, customer360, IoT, AI and machine learning to make sense.

    Course Content 
    1-Graph Studio Basics

    Schema Design overview

    • Creating vertices and edges
    • Entity attributes

    Data mapping and loading

    • Upload local files
    • Map data to vertices/edges

    Load data

    • Explore graph
    • Simple selection
    • Filtering by attributes

    Graph patterns (no code query builder)

    • Creating traversals
    • Filtering by attributes
    • Limit/Order by
    • Attachments
    • Save as a GSQL query

    Write queries

    • Adding new queries
    • Exporting queries
    • Installation
    • Installed vs interpreted queries
    2-Graph Studio in depth

    Schema Design

    • Multigraphs, global vertex types

    Data mapping

    • Filters
    • Token functions
    • Map widget

    Explore Graph

    • Find connections
    • Find shortest path

    Admin portal

    • Service monitor breakdown
    • Cluster monitoring
    • Query monitor
    • Logs
    • User Management
    • User creation
    • User roles
    • RestPP configuration
    • GSQL Output File (demonstrate file download)
    3-Data Modelling In depth functionality

    Rule of thumb: What can be vertices? What can be edges?

    • Choosing an edge type: Undirected? Directed? Reversed?
    • Granularity of edge type
    • Attribute or vertex?
    • How to model time in a graph
    • How to model hierarchical structure
    • Multiple events/transactions between two entities
    • Derived edges
    • Design schema-based on use case
    4-Data Modelling Use-case Study         –
    • Supply Chain Use-case

    What is TigerGraph Insights?

    • Visualisation tools
    • Graph widget
    • Map widget
    • Single value
    • Table
    • Pie chart
    • Bar chart
    • Line chart
    • Inputs

    Pattern builder

    • Custom Filters
    • Conditional styling
    • Deep linking
    • Global variables
    • Embedding
    6-GSQL Syntax and basics (Part 1)

    Data types

    • Variables
    • Vertex set
    • Accumulators (Accum, Post Accum)
    • ListAccum
    • SetAccum
    7-GSQL Syntax and basics (Part 2)
    • BagAccum
    • MapAccum
    • ArrayAccum
    • HeapAccum
    • GroupByAccum
    • Tuples
    • Control flow statements (IF,IF ELSE, ELSE, CASE WHEN, WHILE, FOREACH)
    8-GSQL (Part 1)       Functions
    • Aggregation functions
    • Date-time functions
    • Edge methods
    • JSON array functions
    • JSON object functions
    • Mathematical functions
    • String functions
    • Type conversion functions
    • Vertex functions
    9-GSQL (Part 2)       Miscellaneous functions
    • Sub-queries
    • Recursive sub-queries
    • FILE object and output to file
    • User defined functions (UDFs)
    • Exceptions
    • Default exceptions
    • User defined exceptions
    • Define exception
    10-GSQL  (Part 3)

    GSQL Shell

    • GSQL Shell (Tigergraph Suite)
    • Schema loading jobs
    • define a graph schema
    • modify a graph schema
    • Data loading
    • RestAPI
    • GSQL
    11-RestAPI / Gadmin / Authentication

    RestAPI endpoints

    • Authentication methods
    • Accessing gadmin
    • Accessing logs
    • Searching logs
    • Restarting services
    • Backup/restore
    12-Graph Algorithms
    • Run-down of the open-source algorithm library and their uses.

    Locus IT Academy has more than a decade experience in delivering the training on TigerGraph-Graph Analytics for corporates across the globe. The participants for the training on TigerGraph-Graph Analytics are extremely satisfied and are able to implement the learnings in their on going projects.



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