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Birt Report(Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) is an open source technology platform sponsored by the Eclipse Foundation that consists of a visual designer and a runtime component for Java and Java EE environments.

Workday Report Designer enables you to design and use business form layouts for meeting the exact layout specifications required by your organization. These might include rich text formatting, headers and footers, page breaks, and exact placement of data,margins,spaces and labels.The Viewer allows you to view and perform the following operations for each report selected on the Primo Reports page Button Operation. Toggles the display of the report’s Table of Contents.

BIRT reports are a part of the InfoSphere Data Architect reporting feature that helps you analyze a data model or package. With BIRT reports, you control the contents of the report, and can choose the file format


1. Introduction on Birt Report

2. Installation Birt Eclipse

3. Birt Architecture

4. Creating datasource

5. Creating dataset

6. Creating Filter, Map, Sorting

7. Creating Parameter

8. Creating Dynamic Parameter and Filter

9. Cascading Parameter

10. Creating Join and Union Dataset

11. Creating Scriptlet

12. Creating Page Variable and Localization

13. Style

14. Crosstab

15. Chart

16. Sub reports and Parallel reports

17. Event Handle


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BIRT reports consist of four main parts: data, data transforms, business logic and presentation. Data – Databases, web services, Java objects all can supply data to your BIRT report. BIRT provides JDBC, XML, Web Services, and Flat File support, as well as support for using code to get at other sources of data.