Tensor Flow Developer Certificate-Splunk

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online


    • Requirements. Introductory Python programming skills are required. Prior machine learning or deep learning knowledge and/or a background in mathematics are helpful but not required.
    • Cost. The cost of the Tensor Flow Developer Certificate exam is $100 USD.
    • Time to Completion. It should take candidates about 1-2 months to fully prepare for the exam. The exam itself will last up to 5 hours and will be an online, hands-on, performance-based test.

    The Tensor Flow Developer Certificate is for those who intend to learn about applied data science. In this certificate, you’ll be exposed to different areas of machine learning through building and training models using TensorFlow.

    Tensor Flow is a popular platform used by data scientists and machine learning engineers for developing and deploying machine learning applications.

    In this certificate, you’ll be tested on how to use build and manage models on Tensor Flow. This certificate program is unlike the others mentioned — it does not provide a course curriculum to help you acquire all the needed skills. However, to prepare for the exam, Tensor Flow has recommended:

    • The DeepLearning.AI Tensor Flow Developer Professional Certificate specialization on Coursera
    • The Intro to Tensor Flow for Deep Learning course on Udacity

    The certificate is highly specific to using Python in Tensor Flow within the PyCharm IDE, so if you’re planning to demonstrate your advanced skills in machine learning and artificial intelligence, this is for you. Plus, earning this certificate means you’ll be included in the Tensor Flow Certificate Network, which can be great for networking with like-minded data science enthusiasts.



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