SnowPro® Advanced Data Engineer Recertification Exam Certification Training

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    Training Mode: Online



    The SNOWPRO® Advanced Data Engineer Recertification Exam Certification Training offers professionals a deeper dive into advanced data engineering concepts specific to Snowflake.

    Moreover, through comprehensive instruction and practical exercises, participants refine skills, staying current with industry standards and best practices.

    Furthermore, this training not only readies individuals for recertification but also boosts their confidence in tackling complex data engineering challenges.

    Exam Format:

    1. Exam Version: DEA-R01
    2. Total Number of Questions: 40
    3. Question Types: Multiple Select, Multiple Choice
    4. Time Limit: 85 minutes
    5. Language: English
    6. Registration fee: $188 USD
    7. Passing Score: 750 + Scaled Scoring from 0 – 1000

    Unscored Content:

    Exams may include unscored items to gather statistical information for future use. These items are not identified on the form and do not impact your score. Additionally, additional time is factored into account for this content.


    SnowPro Core Certified & SnowPro Advanced: Data Engineer Certified

    Delivery Options:

    1. Online Proctoring
    2. Onsite Testing Centers

    Exam Domain Breakdown:

    This exam guide includes test domains, weightings, and objectives. However, it is not exhaustive. The table below lists the main content domains and their weightings.

    1.0 Data Movement25-30%
    2.0 Performance Optimization20-25%
    3.0 Storage and Data Protection10-15%
    4.0 Security10-15%
    5.0 Data Transformation25-30%

    Domains & Objectives:

    Outlined below are the Domains & Objectives measured on the exam. For additional details, download the exam study guide.

    SNOWPRO® Advanced Data Engineer Domain: Data Movement

    1. Given a data set, load data into Snowflake. Moreover, ensure efficient data loading processes.
    2. Ingest data of various formats through the mechanics of Snowflake. Additionally, understand data ingestion mechanisms for diverse data types.
    3. Troubleshoot data ingestion. Furthermore, diagnose and resolve issues related to data loading.
    4. Design, build, and troubleshoot continuous data pipelines. Furthermore, ensure seamless data flow in ongoing processes.
    5. Analyze and differentiate types of data pipelines. In addition, distinguish between various pipeline architectures and their applications.
    6. Install, configure, and use connectors to connect to Snowflake. Moreover, establish effective connections for seamless data transfer.
    7. Design and build data sharing solutions. Additionally, facilitate efficient sharing of data across platforms and users.
    8. Outline when to use external tables and define how they work. Furthermore, understand the scenarios where external tables are beneficial and comprehend their functionalities.

    SNOWPRO® Advanced Data Engineer Domain: Performance Optimization

    1. Troubleshoot underperforming queries. Additionally, diagnose and optimize query performance issues.
    2. Given a scenario, configure a solution for the best performance. Moreover, implement optimal configurations based on specific requirements.
    3. Outline and use caching features. Furthermore, leverage caching mechanisms to enhance query performance.
    4. Monitor continuous data pipelines. Furthermore, ensure the smooth operation and performance of ongoing data pipelines.

    SNOWPRO® Advanced Data Engineer Domain: Storage and Data Protection

    1. Implement data recovery features in Snowflake. Moreover, establish robust data recovery mechanisms to ensure data integrity.
    2. Outline the impact of streams on Time Travel. Furthermore, understand how streams affect Time Travel functionality within Snowflake.
    3. Use system functions to analyze micro-partitions. Additionally, utilize system functions for in-depth analysis of micro-partitioning strategies.
    4. Use Time Travel and cloning to create new development environments. Furthermore, leverage Time Travel and cloning functionalities for efficient environment management.

    SNOWPRO® Advanced Data Engineer Domain: Security

    1. Outline Snowflake security principles. Moreover, understand and adhere to key security principles within the Snowflake environment.
    2. Outline the system defined roles and when they should be applied. Furthermore, comprehend the roles defined by the system and their appropriate usage.
    3. Manage data governance. Additionally, ensure effective governance practices for data security and compliance.

    SNOWPRO® Advanced Data Engineer Domain: Data Transformation

    1. Define User-Defined Functions (UDFs) and outline how to use them. Additionally, understand the role and implementation of User-Defined Functions in data transformation processes.
    2. Define and create external functions. Moreover, explore the creation and utilization of external functions for extended functionalities.
    3. Design, build, and leverage stored procedures. Furthermore, utilize stored procedures for efficient data processing and transformation.
    4. Handle and transform semi-structured data. Additionally, develop strategies to effectively handle and transform semi-structured data formats.
    5. Use Snowpark for data transformation. Furthermore, leverage Snowpark capabilities for advanced data transformation tasks.



    For more information on SnowPro® Advanced Data Engineer Recertification; please visit here.

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