SnowPro® Advanced Administrator

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    Training Mode: Online


    The SnowPro Advanced: Administrator Certification will test advanced knowledge and skills used to apply comprehensive data cloud administrative principles using Snowflake and its components.


    The SnowPro® Advanced: Administrator Certification will test advanced knowledge and skills used to apply comprehensive data cloud administrative principles using Snowflake and its components. This certification will test your ability to:

    • Manage and administer Snowflake accounts
    • Manage and administer Snowflake data security and governance
    • Manage and maintain database objects
    • Manage and maintain virtual warehouses
    • Perform database monitoring and tuning
    • Perform data sharing and use the Data Exchange and Snowflake Marketplace
    • Administer disaster recovery, backup, and data replication


    2+ years of Snowflake Data Cloud Administrative experience, including practical, hands-on experience using Snowflake. In addition, successful candidates should have fluency with ANSI and Snowflake extended SQL.

    Target Audience:

    • Snowflake Administrators/Snowflake Data Cloud Administrators
    • Database Administrators
    • Cloud Infrastructure Administrators
    • Cloud Data Administrators


    Exam Version: ADA-C01
    Total Number of Questions: 65
    Question Types: Multiple Select, Multiple Choice
    Time Limit: 115 minutes
    Language: English
    Registration fee: $375 USD
    Passing Score: 750 + Scaled Scoring from 0 – 1000
    Unscored Content: Exams may include unscored items to gather statistical information for future use. These items are not identified on the form and do not impact your score, and additional time is factored into account for this content.
    Prerequisites: SnowPro Core Certified
    Delivery Options:

    1. Online Proctoring
    2. Onsite Testing Centers


    This exam guide includes test domains, weightings, and objectives. It is not a comprehensive listing of all the content that will be presented on this examination. The table below lists the main content domains and their weightings.

    DomainDomain Weightings on Exams
    1.0 Snowflake Security, RBAC, & User Administration30-35%
    2.0 Account Management & Data Governance20-25%
    3.0 Performance Monitoring & Tuning20-25%
    4.0 Data Sharing, Data Exchange & Snowflake Marketplace10-15%
    5.0 Disaster Recovery, Backup & Data Replication10-15%


    Outlined below are the Domains & Objectives measured on the exam. To view subtopics, download the exam study guide.

    Domain 1.0: Snowflake Security, Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), and User Administration

    1.1 Set up and manage Snowflake authentication.
    1.2 Set up and manage network and private connectivity.
    1.3 Set up and manage security administration and authorization.
    1.4 Given a set of business requirements, establish access control architecture.
    1.5 Given a scenario, create and manage access control.
    1.6 Given a scenario, configure access controls.

    Domain 2.0: Account Management and Data Governance

    2.1 Manage organizations and accounts.
    2.2 Manage organizations and access control.
    2.3 Implement and manage data governance in Snowflake.
    2.4 Given a scenario, manage account identifiers.
    2.5 Given a scenario, manage databases, tables, and views.
    2.6 Perform queries in Snowflake.
    2.7 Given a scenario, stage data in Snowflake.
    2.8 Given a scenario, manage streams and tasks.




    Domain 3.0: Performance Monitoring and Tuning

    3.1 Given business requirements, design, manage, and maintain virtual warehouses.
    3.2 Monitor Snowflake performance.
    3.3 Manage DML locking and concurrency in Snowflake.
    3.4 Given a scenario, implement resource monitors.
    3.5 Interpret and make recommendations for data clustering.
    3.6 Manage costs and pricing.

    Domain 4.0: Data Sharing, Data Exchange, and Snowflake Marketplace

    • 4.1 Manage and implement data sharing.
      4.2 Use the Data Exchange.
      4.3 Use the Snowflake Marketplace.
    • Domain 5.0: Disaster Recovery, Backup, and Data Replication
    • 5.1 Manage data replication.
      5.2 Given a scenario, manage Snowflake Time Travel and Fail-safe.




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